Home Additions & Garages

Add Space with a Home Addition or Garage

As times change and families grow, a home that once met every need may begin to feel a bit cramped. The kids are too old to continue sharing bunk beds or maybe there’s been something missing from the floor plan since day one, but the stresses of the real estate market and the burden of a new mortgage make moving a big ordeal. Rather than uprooting your family, a room addition  can add that extra bedroom, sunroom, or elbow room your family has come to require. Or maybe you need extra space for your new car or man cave? We also specialize in the designing and building of new garages.

  • High ROI: Make a wise investment in the future value of your home with a room addition or new garage. Enjoy the benefits of the extra space and the pay back when you sell!
  • Any Size Project: From single room add-ons to entire floor additions, and new garage construction, we can customize your home to meet the demands of your growing family.
  • Expert Planning: After listening to your goals, we develop comprehensives blueprint and plans for your new space giving you the ability to see your future space before any real changes are made.
  • Personalization: We believe that quality, results, and customer satisfaction arise directly from your involvement in the architectural planning. Geo Construction and Contracting is equipped to provide personalized results based on your unique specifications.


Finally, the Home of Your Dreams

From the first nail to the last coat of paint, we’re by your side navigating you through your room addition or new garage project. Our goal is to make your new space feel as if it had always been a part of your home. Contact us today for a free no-obligation in-home estimate and let us discuss how a room addition or new garage can address your family’s changing needs.

Home Additions and Garages